Privacy Policy

What is Our Privacy Policy? 

The brand admires the trust you put in us and stand by the best possible experience we can provide. Therefore, we are committed to providing the best standards for safe online transactions and users’ personal information. Nufsh entitles to not use the customer’s information in any practice except as mentioned under the Privacy Policy. 

Kindly check out the following statements to understand about our information collecting and communicating practices. 


The privacy policy is subject to alter/modify at any time without prior notice. To keep track of the new updates, kindly review this page time to time. 

By visiting our Website, you admit being bound by the mentioned terms of our Privacy Policy. If you are not sure about this, we advise you not to visit or access our Website. 

By the slightest use of the Website, you expressly agree to our use and revelation of your personal details according to this Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is embodied into and subject to the Terms of Use. 

How Does Our Privacy Policy work? 

1. Taking Given Personal Information & Other Relevant Information 

When you visit or click on our Website, we collect and store your personal information provided by you, from time to time. We do this to give you a secure, effective, valuable and customized experience. This enables us to deliver services and features that matches your needs and expectations, and also to tailor our Website to make your experience secure and more comfortable. While browsing the Website randomly, you can go through our pages without revealing any personal detail or information about yourself. But once you share your personal data, you are no more unknown to us. We also provide you with the options which are compulsory and which are mandatory to give you the authority of which information needs to be shared or not.  

It’s always up to you whether you want to use a specific service or feature on the site. We can also track specific information about you depending on your behavior and activity on our Website; the information is used to do detailed research on our users' behavior, demographics, and interests to understand better, protect and provide our users. 

This information is assembled and reviewed on an aggregated basis which may contain the link that you just visited before (whether it is on our site or not), which link you are next going to (whether it is on our site or not), your desktop browser information, and IP address. 

We make use of "cookies" on some pages of our Website to aid us analyze the web page flow, calculate promotional potency, and encourage trust and security. 

What these Cookies really do? 

These are files available on the hard drive of your device that helps us promote our services. We provide some features that are only accessible using a "cookie". 

Cookies also help us in providing information that is relevant to your personal interests and activities. Most of them are "session cookies," which automatically gets deleted from your hard drive at the end of a session. If your browser allows, you can always choose to refuse to these cookies but in that case, you may get restricted to use our certain features and may have to re-enter your password often during the session. 

Kindly note that we do not control the use of cookies placed by third parties on our website. 

What if you shop from us? 

If you wish to buy something from our website, we take your information based on your purchasing behavior. And if you make a transaction on our website, information such as billing address, payment card number, tracking information and other relevant details can be collected by us. 

We can also collect the information you post on our message boards, reviews, chat rooms or feedback page. We keep this data to settle any disputes, provide customer service and troubleshoot problems as sanctioned by law. 

If you send us any emails or letters, or if third parties or other consumers provide us information about your behavior or activity on our site, we can gather that information to deliver you with the best of the services targeted to your interest. 

When you create an account on our website, we collect personally identifiable data (name, contact details, email id, payment card details, etc.). Your contact details are used to provide you offers based on your previous purchases and behavior on the website. 

2. Use of Demographic / Profile Data / Your Information 

We make use of your personal data to provide you with the services matching your interests and behavior on the site. We also provide you with the option to move out if you do not want us to make use of your personal data.

Why we collect your personal information? 

We use your information to provide you with the services matching your behavior on site, interests, and previous purchases. We also need this information to settle any disputes, troubleshoot problems, to provide you safe and secure service, upcoming offers and other promotional activities. We use your data to customize your experience, prevent any illegal activities and encourage best services. 

With your consent, we can acquire access to your SMS, contacts in your directory, call history, location, and device information. 

We identify and use your IP address to help detect problems with our server and to manage our website. It is also used to help determine you and collect wide range of demographic data. 

We may ask you to fill online surveys sometimes, which are anyway optional. This data helps us to design your experience, providing you with content based on your interests and behavior on the website. 

3. Sharing of personal information 

We may share your personal details with our other business partners and affiliates, who may later market to you based on that information unless you expressly move out. 

We provide this information to our partners in order to serve you best. This revelation is essential for us to make you accessible to our services, to impose the user agreement, and to abide by our legal contract. Please be assured that the information is not given to our partners for their promotional and marketing purposes. This is required to protect, find and investigate any fraud or illegal activity in relation to our services.

Also in the case of any legal matter or in the belief that the release of the personal information is rationally necessary, we may reveal it. We may release the personal data in the matters of law to abide by our Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions. We may disclose it against the declaration that the post or any other content form infringes the rights of a third party or also to protect the rights and security of our users. 

We and our partners may share the information with other entities who we plan to bond with for business or be taken by other businesses. In such case, the other business party (or the new joined entity) will abide by the privacy policy in regard to the personal information of the users. 

4. Links to Other Sites 

We may connect with the other website links to collect your personal information available with them. is not accountable for the privacy policy and other activities of those linked websites. 

5. Security Precautions 

We have strong security measures to prevent the misuse, loss and any modification of the personal data under our authority. We always provide the safe server when you access or review your account information. Once your information is with us, we make sure to follow strict security measures in order to prevent it against any unauthorized access. 

6. Choice/Opt-Out 

We always provide you with the option of opt-out from any of our or our partners’ promotional and marketing services, once you create your account on the website. If any time you wish to take away your contact details from all lists and newsletters, kindly hit unsubscribe. 

7. Advertisements on 

We use third-party ad companies to display ads when you click on our website. They use information (apart from your name and contact details) based on your behavior on our site and other websites so that they can serve you with the goods and services matching your interest. 

8. Your Consent 

Whenever you click on our website or provide any information, you agree to the to the use of the details you share on the site following this Privacy Policy, including but not restricted to your consent for disclosing this information as per the privacy policy.           

If we ever decide to change this privacy policy, we will update the same on our page to notify all our users. This will help you to understand that what data we collect from you and how we use it for what purposes.